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In the year 1923, the Indian Government established a Public Service Commission to examine the salary structure of the Indian Civil Service. The Commission was composed of four Englishmen and four Indian with Lord Lee of Fareham serving as its Chairman. The Commission also addressed the rate of Indianization of the Indian Civil Service and the Indian Police. It determined a rate which in fifteen years would make the Indian Civil Service with a fifty per cent Indian membership and the same in twenty-five years for the Indian Police.

It was left largely to the discretion of provincial Governments to recruit and exercise control over their Services, as deemed proper. As a result of the discretionary powers left to provincial Government, the Government of Madras and Punjab proposed to set up their own Public Service Commissions.

The Madras Service Commission thus came into being under an Act of the Madras Legislature in 1929. Madras Presidency had the unique honour, of being the first province in India to establish their own Service Commission.

The Madras Service Commission started with three Members, including the Chairman. After re-organisation of States in 1957, several state level Commissions were constituted. The Madras Service Commission became Madras Public Service Commission with headquarters at Madras in the year 1957. During 1970, when the name of the State was changed into Tamil Nadu, the Madras Public Service Commission also accordingly got renamed as the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC).


Articles 316 to 319 deal with the structure of State Public Service Commissions. Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is headed by the Chairman and Comprises fourteen other members, all appointed by the Governor of Tamil Nadu, in accordance with the above provisions of the Constitution of India.

As of Oct 20, 2014, the Commission consists of a Chairman and 5 members. The names of the members are as follows:

1. Thiru.C.Balasubramanian - Chairman (i/c)

2. Dr.S.Panneerselvam

3. Thiru.V.Rathna Sabapathy

4. Dr.P.Perumalsamy

5. Thiru.T.Kuppusamy

6. Thiru.G.Selvamani

Departments of TNPSC are headed by a Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretaries and Under Secretaries consisting of sections headed by Section Officers and other subordinate staff.


The commission to conduct examinations for direct recruitment to the services of the state. The selection process consists of both written examination and oral interviews.

The Commission meets at frequent intervals and hands down necessary rules, policies, guidelines and decisions on various issues arising from time to time. The Secretary to the Commission holds responsibility of ensuring implementation of its' various decisions, besides handling day-to-day administration, departmental promotion committees, oral tests for recruitment, etc. The Controller of Exams is responsible for notifying and conducting recruitment and departmental examinations.


Jobs under TNPSC Combined Civil Services Examination (CCSE-I) - Group I:-

Recruitment to various posts under State Services are done in three stages of examination - Preliminary, Mains and Interview. This exam is considered equivalent to UPSC Civil services as these posts are the highest recruitment of the State government.

Deputy Collector

Deputy Superintendent of Police

Assistant Commissioner of Commercial Taxes

Assistant Director of Rural Development Department

District Employment Officer

District Registrar

Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies

Jobs under Combined Civil Services Examination (CCSE-II) - Group II :-

Municipal Commissioner, Grade-II

Deputy Commercial Tax Officer

Sub Registrar, Grade-II

Probation Officer in Prison Department

Assistant Inspector of Labour in the Labour Department

Junior Employment Officer in Employment and Training Department

Assistant Section Officer in various Departments of Secretariat

Assistant Section Officer in TNPSC

Special Assistant in the Vigilance and Anti corruption Department

Assistant Inspector in Local Fund Audit Department

Audit Inspector in the Audit Wing of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Administration Department

Supervisor of Industrial Co-operatives in the Industries and Commerce Department

Senior Inspector of Co-operative Societies in Milk Production and Dairy Development Department

Senior Inspector of Co-operative Societies in Department of Registrar of Co-operative Societies

Handloom Inspector in Handlooms and Textiles Department

Revenue Assistant in Revenue Department

Audit Assistant in the Accounts Branch of Highways Department

Assistant in various departments

Other major recruitments:

Group IV Services like Junior Assistant, Typist, Stenographer, Draughtsman Field Surveyor

Group III Services

Village Administrative Officer

Assistant Engineer in Engineering Services

Assistant Medical Officer in Medical Services

and various Technical posts

Gender issue in TNPSC[edit]

Transgender Swapna and gender activist Gopi Shankar from Srishti Madurai[2][3] staged the protest in Madurai collectorate on 7th October 2013 demanding reservation and to permit alternate genders to appear for examinations conducted by TNPSC, UPSC, SSC and Bank Exams.Swapna, incidentally, had successfully moved the Madras High Court in 2013 seeking permission to write the TNPSC Group II exam as a ‘woman’ candidate. Swapna is the first trans person to clear TNPSC Group IV exams.[4]

Paper Leak Controversy[edit]

TNPSC cancelled examination of Group II held on 12 August 2012 following the allegations of question paper leak.[5] This is the first time TNPSC canceled examination over question paper leak.

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